Join Lefty’s at the 2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival

2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival

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Join us at Lefty’s on the Square during the Magnolia Blossom Festival this May 17-18! Perfectly located in the heart of the Magnolia, Arkansas square Lefty’s offers a prime spot to soak up the festival’s vibrant atmosphere while enjoying some of the best steaks and cocktails in town.

As a standout among Magnolia, Arkansas restaurants – and 2024’s Best New Restaurant in Arkansas – Lefty’s not only promises delightful late-night dining but also an inviting cocktail lounge to unwind after a day of festivities.

What to Expect at the 2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival

As Magnolia, Arkansas transforms into a vibrant hub of activity for the Magnolia Blossom Festival, Lefty’s on the Square invites you to join us in celebrating a tradition that’s as rich in flavor as it is in culture. Here’s what festival-goers can look forward to during this exciting weekend:

World Championship Steak Cook-offs

This sizzling event is a centerpiece of the festival. As meat lovers gather to witness some of the best steak cooking in the country, consider swinging by Lefty’s after the cook-off to relax with a signature cocktail or enjoy our specially curated menu.

Arts & Crafts Exhibits

Explore local craftsmanship and artistic expressions throughout the festival. After being inspired by local artisans, drop by Lefty’s to continue the experience with our finely crafted dining ambiance that pays homage to the speakeasy era, offering a perfect backdrop for discussing your favorite finds.

Live Music & Entertainment

The Albemarle stage will play host to the free Friday night concert by powerful trio, Chapel Hart.. After the show,  make Lefty’s your go-to spot for after-show drinks or a late-night meal.  We’re only feet away from the stage!

Make the Most of Your Festival Experience

The Magnolia Blossom Festival is not just an event; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and cuisine that draws visitors from near and far. This year, with Lefty’s—an upscale casual speakeasy and cocktail lounge—making its festival debut, here’s how you can elevate your festival experience to ensure a memorable weekend.

Plan Your Visit

Check the Schedule: Before you arrive, review the festival schedule at Magnolia Blossom Festival’s official website to plan which events and activities you don’t want to miss. This helps in managing your time effectively between the steak cook-off, live music performances, and exploring the craft booths.

Make Reservations: Lefty’s on the Square can get quite busy during the festival, so it’s a good idea to book a table in advance. Secure your spot to avoid the wait and ensure a seamless dining experience. Click here to reserve!

Arrive Early

To get the most out of the festival, aim to arrive early. This gives you the advantage of exploring the arts and crafts exhibits with fewer crowds and enjoying the early performances when energy levels are high. Early arrival also means better parking spots and less time in lines, whether it’s for food, drinks, or the restroom.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

With all the excitement, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated and eat. Water stations are usually available, but carrying a water bottle can save you time and keep you hydrated on the go. For nourishment, explore the Food & Drink Vendors for local treats, or for a more relaxed dining experience, pop into Lefty’s. We’ll be open outside of our normal hours, providing the perfect spot to recharge before heading back into the festival fray.

Explore Beyond the Main Events

While the main events are a big draw, don’t miss out on more intimate experiences like the 5K Run & Baggo Tournament. Participating in or cheering on runners and players can be a fun way to immerse yourself in the festival’s community spirit. 

Visit Lefty’s on the Square

As the Best New Restaurant of 2024 in Arkansas, Lefty’s offers a unique speakeasy vibe right in the heart of the festival. Whether you’re looking for a craft cocktail to cool down or a gourmet meal to fill you up, Lefty’s provides a cozy escape from the festival buzz. Plus, our location makes it easy to step in and out of the festival as you please.

Lefty's on the Square Magnolia Arkansas

Lefty’s Hours During the Magnolia Blossom Festival

To ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the full Lefty’s experience during the Magnolia Blossom Festival, we’re adjusting our hours to fit the festival schedule!

Thursday: Kick off the festival early by visiting us from 5 PM to 10 PM.

Friday and Saturday: We’re extending our hours from 11 AM to 11 PM to match the full days of festival activities.

Whether you’re looking for a lunch break between events, an afternoon cocktail, or a relaxing dinner to wind down the day, Lefty’s will be open to welcome you with exceptional service and a warm atmosphere.

If you’d like to guarantee your spot, go ahead and make reservations now and beat the crowds!

Our Menu for the Festival

During the 2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival, as the town comes alive with the excitement of the World Championship Steak Cook-offs, Lefty’s will make a special adjustment to our menu to complement the event. Recognizing the spotlight on steaks at the festival, we’ve decided to shift our focus slightly to offer a unique twist on our offerings while leaving the steak glory to the cook-off contenders.


Flame Kissed Dip: Well-seasoned beef blended with cream cheese + aged cheddar + crispy bacon. Served alongside herbed baguettes, lit tableside. 

Pork Belly Roll Wontons: Braised pork belly paired with Asian slaw. Fried and served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

Citrus Shrimp Cocktail: Oranges + grapefruit + avocado with a spicy hint of paprika to compliment the Gulf Shrimp. Now served with chips. 

Brown Sugar Candied Bacon: Slow cooked applewood-smoked bacon glazed with layers of brown sugar. 

Dirty Martini Board: Charcuterie board-style with meats + cheeses + fruits. Dip is a seasoned mix of cream cheese + pimento olives. Fun with friends! 

Dirty Martini Dip Leftys Magnolia Menu

Enticing Entrees

Pork Shank Sous Vide: Presented as a meal for two unless otherwise requested. Served with horseradish mashed potatoes + one additional side. 

Rib Eye Fries: This dish captures the essence of our high-quality steaks, thinly sliced and served over crispy fries, seasoned perfectly to delight your taste buds.

Spatchcock Chicken: Brined and pan-seared leg-quarters paired with an Asiago + Parmesan stone-ground yellow grits + spinach dish. Served with house salad. 

1921 Burger: Aged-cheddar cheeseburger featuring candied bacon + house-made aioli + arugula + pickled onions + our signature house-made pickles. Served with our famous fries. 

img 0388 1

Drinks to Elevate Your Meal

Massive Spirit and Wine Selection: Choose from an extensive collection of fine wines and spirits. Whether you prefer a smooth red, a crisp white, or a bold spirit, we have nearly limitless options for you!

Specialty Cocktails: Our mixologists craft unique cocktails that embody the spirit of a speakeasy with a modern edge. Don’t miss our signature drinks like the Smoking Guns or Velvet Eclipse

Domestic and Craft Beers: For beer lovers, we offer a range of domestic and craft brews that are perfect for sipping while enjoying the festival vibes.

Cocktail Menu Leftys Magnolia

Wrapping Up the 2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival

As the Magnolia Blossom Festival 2024 approaches, there’s no better place to soak in the festivities and enjoy a fantastic meal than at Lefty’s on the Square. With our extensive selection of spirits, wines, and specialty cocktails, every meal turns into a celebration.

Whether you’re here to enjoy the live music, participate in the events, or just explore the local culture, make sure to stop by  to elevate your festival experience with a touch of speakeasy charm and modern culinary flair. It’s not just a restaurant – it’s an experience.

Celebrate with us at Lefty’s— Magnolia’s go-to spot for good times, great food, and unforgettable memories during the 2024 Magnolia Blossom Festival. We look forward to welcoming you and making your festival experience truly spectacular!

Ready to reserve your spot or need more information? Give us a call at 870-901-3000 or make your reservations here. Let’s make this festival a deliciously memorable one!

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